GNT Biotech & Medicals Co., Ltd. (GNTbm) focuses on the development of new drugs and has used nano-gold to develop the core technology of nano-gold drug delivery platform, Vaucarrin®, and nano-gold drugs specific for treatment of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Through cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies, the company aims to develop chidamide, a new generation epigenetic regulator, for the treatment of peripheral T cell lymphoma, breast cancer, and other cancers. With the aim of fulfilling unmet clinical needs, GNTbm develops highly active and innovative formulations of nano-drugs to meet the demands of patients.

Business Model



GNTbm will become a pioneer in the research and development of nano-gold drugs. Concurrently, we will collaborate dynamically with foreign pharmaceutical companies and actively develop multiple indications for chidamide in the treatment of cancers. Through continuous research and development, GNTbm will maximize the effects of the nano-gold drug delivery platform Vaucarrin® to provide more effective and reliable medical care and to optimize the quality of life of patients.



GNTbm aims to become the world’s predominant nano-gold drug research and development company. Based in Taiwan, but with a global focus, the company is committed to the establishment of a nano-gold drug delivery platform, which will give Taiwan a place on the world stage for the development of new nano-gold drugs.