Board of Directors

Dr. Chia-Nan Chen

Chairman of the Board

In 2013, Dr. Chen, was one of the founders of GNTbm and served as a board member and the President. Since 2016, he has served as the Chairman of the Board/ President. Dr. Chen studied Pharmacology and is a board certified pharmacist. He conducted further study and focused on research in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2004 from the College of Medicine at National Taiwan University and then joined the National Health Research Institutes as a postdoctoral fellow. After his postdoctoral training, Dr. Chen moved into industry, where he served as the Vice President of Research and Development first for NatureWise Biotech and Medicals Corporation, which is mainly engaged in the development of new drugs, and then as the Vice President and President in GNT Inc., which is mainly focused on the R&D of precious metals. Now, Dr. Chen is the Chairman of the Board and the President of GNTbm. Dr. Chen is devoted to the development of natural medicines, epigenetic regulators, and nano-drugs in the fields of cancer and neuroscience. He has applied for, and been awarded, invention patents overseas for more than 10 projects, and has published more than 20 scientific articles in international journals. Dr. Chen’s biggest passion is to develop new drugs to satisfy the unmet needs of patients.


Mr. Hung-jen Wu

Board member

Mr. Hong-jen Wu was a former Vice President and board member of United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), as well as the President of the Nippon Foundry Inc. (NFI). He is now the board member of various technology and biotech companies. Mr. Hung-jen Wu graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Graduate Institute of National Development at the National Taiwan University. He is highly experienced in industrial development and administrative planning. 


Dr. Chung-Yang Huang

Board member

Dr. Chung-Yang Huang graduated from the Department of Pharmacology in the College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, and holds a BS in Pharmacology from the University of Ohio, USA, and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, USA. He received a Ph.D. in Cellular Biology from the Institute of Life Sciences at Lanzhou University, China. Before returning back to Taiwan, he served as Vice President of DDM Pharmaceuticals (USA) and President at IPS Pharmaceuticals. After returning to Taiwan, Dr. Huang established NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corp. He was also a former board member and President of the listed company PhytoHealth Corporation. Dr. Huang is highly experienced in the field of new drug development and now serves as Chairman of Board and President in NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corp.


Mr. Milton Huang

Board member

Mr. Milton Huang graduated from the School of Pharmacy at Kaohsiung Medical University and received an MBA from Henley College, UK. Mr. Huang has held important posts in foreign pharmaceutical companies, including a country operations manager role at Pfizer (USA), a marketing manager at GSK (USA), and Vice Chairman and President roles at Taiwan Novartis. Mr. Huang has an outstanding record and extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. He was elected as a “Distinguished Pharmaceutical Manager” at the first election by the Taiwan Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management Association (1993), awarded the third “National Public Service Award” presented by the President (2001), and won the fifth “Distinguished Alumni Award of Kaohsiung Medical University” (2011). He has held many positions, including Chairman of Taiwan Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management Association (2009–2012) and the standing director and convener of the board of supervisors of the Chinese Association for Pharmaceutical Agents (2011–2017). Mr. Huang is currently the Chairman and President of Taiwan Specialty Pharma Corporation.



Board member

KINGMAX Semiconductor Inc,a global memory technology leader, has long been committed to the innovation of the best memory module solutions. Since its establishment in 1989, KINGMAX has set its sights on becoming the leader in professional computer memory manufacturing. Led by founder Liu Fu-Chou, KINGMAX is vertical integration and committed to providing the best memory solutions to the memory module and memory card industry, coupled with visionary product strategies, leading technologies, unparalleled customer service and professional operations management.


Mr. Tung-kuei Chen


Mr. Tung-kuei Chen served as Vice President of Operations and Supervisor of Senao International; he is currently the controller of GNT Inc.


New Paradigm Investment Corporation


This company, established in 1996, is the only private equity fund company. The company is engaged in financial product investment. Its main targets are listed companies on the stock exchange market and the over-the-counter market. In addition, it also invests in the early stage companies with potential and provides entrepreneurs with professional assistance.