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New Drug Development for Clinically Unmet Needs of Patients with Advanced or Refractory Cancers

GNTbm focuses on the cancer epigenetics area and is interested in the research and development of HDACs 1, 2, 3 proteolysis target protein degradation drugs, tumor microenvironment regulators and epigenetic immunomodulators, and the application in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Since its establishment GNTbm has been interested in the development of a new-generation epigenetic modulator for cancer treatment, and has partnered with Chipscreen Biosciences, a well-known Chinese new drug company, to develop Chidamide/Tucidinostat for R/R peripheral T cell lymphoma (PTCL), advanced breast cancer, and other cancer indications. GNTbm is devoted to develop new drugs with the goal of fulfilling clinical cures for patients with advanced or refractory cancers.

  • Uncovering the anti-cancer mechanisms of Immuno-Oncology

    GNTbm has focused on immuno-oncology in recent years. By exploring the dynamic and complex tumor microenvironment, GNTbm has developed the optimal anti-cancer regimen with synergistic effect of combination of both immune checkpoint inhibitor and immune modulator with novel mechanism. Immunotherapy is a novel anti-cancer therapy, which will restart the body’s natural anti-tumor immune response for efficient killing of cancer cells for such a long time, so that there is a chance to make cancer curable or become a controllable chronic disease.

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  • Chidamide

    Chidamide belongs to a new generation of epigenetic regulators and is a highly regarded new type of targeted cancer therapy that is mainly used for the treatment of solid tumors, lymphomas, and other hematopoietic tumors. Furthermore, its epigenetic regulation is a very promising mechanism that can be combined with endocrine drugs to reverse the drug resistance caused by the long-term use of endocrine inhibitors.

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  • Epigenetic Immunomodulators

    Epigenetic immunomodulator is a very important new drug for the treatment of cancers caused by epigenetic regulatory loss of control and for use in tumor immunotherapy. It is also an important therapeutic drug to control tumor microenvironment to improve the immune response rate of tumor. It is a core new chemical entity for new drug developed by GNTbm

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  • Pipeline

    GNTbm focuses on the development of licensed-in and in-house drugs. For the licensed-in drug chidamide, GNTbm is to develop the new indications simultaneously with Chipscreen Biosciences, a leading pharmaceutical company in China; and for the in-house pipelines, GNTbm is to develop a series of nano-gold drugs using the proprietary Vaucarrin® nano-gold drug delivery platform.

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  • R&D

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