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    GNT Biotech & Medicals Co., Ltd. (GNTbm, TPEx Emerging: 7427) announced that it has awarded exclusive sales and marketing rights in Taiwan of anticancer drug Chidamide to pharmaceutical distribution company Taiwan Specialty Pharma Corp. (TSPC)
  • Immuno-Oncology therapy+
    GNTbm has focused on immuno-oncology in recent years. By exploring the dynamic and complex tumor microenvironment, GNTbm has developed the optimal anti-cancer regimen with synergistic effect of combination of both immune checkpoint inhibitor and immune modulator with novel mechanism. Immunotherapy is a novel anti-cancer therapy, which will restart the body’s natural anti-tumor immune response for efficient killing of cancer cells for such a long time, so that there is a chance to make cancer curable or become a controllable chronic disease.
  • Vaucarrin®+
    Vaucarrin® is a proprietary drug delivery platform developed by GNTbm, which uses GNTbm nano-gold as the core carrier, in combination with effective drugs and targeting agents to form a complex, thereby extending its circulation time in vivo, obtaining effective targeting, and delivering the drug to the diseased tissue or cells.
  • Chidamide+
    Chidamide belongs to a new generation of epigenetic regulators and is a highly regarded new type of targeted cancer therapy that is mainly used for the treatment of solid tumors, lymphomas, and other hematopoietic tumors. Furthermore, its epigenetic regulation is a very promising mechanism that can be combined with endocrine drugs to reverse the drug resistance caused by the long-term use of endocrine inhibitors.
GNTbm nano-gold drug delivery platform --- Vaucarrin®

Vaucarrin® is applied to the development of a new drug with increased efficacy and reduced side effect, which will meet the clinical unmet needs for cancer patients.

GNTbm has developed Vaucarrin® platform and through the concept of module assembly designed and constructed each nano-gold drug. The second generation of platform will improve the pharmacokinetics, increase the targeting and therefore elevate the drug concentration  in the diseased site, which will result in a better anti-cancer outcome and less drug-related toxicity.

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