Epigenetic Immunomodulators

Since 2017, GNTbm has begun to independently develop epigenetic immunomodulatory agents with novel structure, and after many years of research and development has successfully screened two innovative small molecules, possessing oral property and excellent epigenetic and immune-regulating activity, named GNTbm-02 and GNTbm-03. Cell culture and animal tests demonstrate that these molecules have excellent epigenetic activity and immunomodulation activity, when used in combination with generic drug C, and show a very strong tumor microenvironment-regulating activity and a high tumor immune response rate. Further studies have shown that when GNTbm-02 or GNTbm-03 plus generic drug C, and further combined with ICI, has excellent anti-cancer immune activity, greatly inhibiting tumor growth. These epigenetic immunomodulators can be used as monotherapy, or in combination with the generic drugs C and ICI for cancer immunotherapy. Both GNTbm-02 and GNTbm-03 are subtype-selective class I HDACs 1, 2 and 3 inhibiters. GNTbm has filed a global patent application.