Corporate Responsibility Report

Social Responsibility

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of new drugs, focusing on preclinical research, clinical trials and new drug registration. New drug development requires experimental research and strictly controlled human clinical trials. The experimental procedures and chemical waste disposal must comply with the law and the requirements of regulatory agencies to protect the environment from pollution. The patients that participate in clinical trials will be provided with the required information and insurance. At present, a Phase III clinical trial of chidamide for the treatment of breast cancer has been approved by TFDA. The contracted manufacture and sales/marketing of the new drug will be in full compliance with the provisions of the government’s health authorities.

The contracts between the Company and the partners all contain terms stating that if the corporate social responsibility is breached and the environment and society are significantly affected, the contract may be terminated at any time. If a partner violates the law and regulations, and if behavior is not improved immediately after notification, the company shall terminate the contract.

In accordance with the provisions of the government, all employees are required to participate in labor insurance, universal health insurance, and a personal retirement plan. The company’s regulations on working hours, rest time, vacation, overtime, and retirement are in compliance with the labor law.

The company attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. With the authorization of the Board of Directors, the President submits an annual report to the Board for review. The corporate governance is actively promoted and relevant norms are established. The disclosure of corporate information is provided openly and transparently in accordance with the requirements of the competent authorities. The company’s website contains specific pages for investors, social responsibility, stakeholders, and shareholders’ contact information, which allows all interested parties and shareholders to understand the development of the company.


Our employees are the greatest asset of our company. The company emphasizes gender equality and maintains a good working environment with a benign atmosphere through adherence to the ideas of “recruiting, training, and assigning” of talent, and “right person in the right place”, which seek to develop the employees’ working capability, improve the fulfilment of the company-assigned tasks, add value, and give back to the employees. We expect that every employee can fully appreciate his or her self worth within a good environment to create value for the company.

1. Employee benefits:

(1) Cash for Chinese New Year, Dragon festival, and mid-autumn festival.
(2) Labor and health insurance coverage: According to policy, the company purchases labor and health insurance for employees, and the parents, spouse, and children of the employee will be covered under the employees’ plans.
(3) Others: The Company may provide, at its own discretion, marriage and funeral expenses, subsidies, and emergency assistance to do its best to help employees.

2. Education and training:

The company attaches importance to employee education and training. Whether through internal or external training, the company makes arrangements, based on the needs of each employee, to enhance their job skills and competitive ability.

3. Retirement system and implementation:

The employee’s retirement is processed according to Article 56 of the Labor Standards Act (i.e., employee management regulations) and the pension reserve fund shall be lawfully held.


The Company attaches importance to the interests and opinions of all shareholders. In accordance with the law, the Company has a contact spokesperson and complies with the immediacy and transparency principles of information disclosure to protect the interests of investors.


The services provided by the company aim to meet customers’ needs, and ensure “honest, efficient, and appropriate” services for customers. We attach great importance to customer feedback and opinions, which are the main driving force for the company’s development and growth.


The Company adheres to business integrity standards; during price negotiation and procurement, it ensures a fair, honest, and transparent manner. Both parties shall not accept any improper interests or engage in any unlawful activities or activities that breach accountability, integrity, or obligations.


Based on corporate social responsibility and to improve the investors and the public’s right to transparency in information disclosure, the company has designated full time professionals to communicate with the investors and the public through different media to achieve mutual communication and understanding.