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    GNTbm’s Trial on New Epigenetic Drug Generates Hope for Patients with Breast Cancer.
  • Immuno-Oncology therapy+
    Cancer immunotherapy are classified as the latter with many anti-cancer benefits. Cancer immunotherapy is to reactivate or awaken the patient‘s immune system, therefore restores the ability of immune system to attack the tumor, and produces immune memory so that the tumor is not easy to recur. This mechanism does not rely on drugs direct killing of cancer cells. In cancer immunotherapy, tumor microenvironment regulators have the most potential for inducing excellent tumor response.
  • Tucidinostat/Chidamide (Trade name in English : Kepida®)+
    Tucidinostat is a subtype-selective histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi), which is a new generation of epigenetic modulator by selectively inhibiting HDACs 1, 2, 3, and 10 isoforms, and is a well-known new targeted anti-cancer drug. Tucidinostat has been licensed the patent right and market right of Taiwan to GNTbm by originator Chipscreen Biosciences in September 2013, and GNTbm has led the development of a number of clinical trials and domestic manufacture of API and drug product in Taiwan.
  • Epigenetic Immunoactivator+
    Epigenetic immunoactivators are a type of epigenetic modulators with strong immunoregulating activity, which can be used to treat cancers caused by uncontrolled epigenetic regulation, and are applied in cancer immunotherapy through effective immunoregulation of tumor microenvironment to achieve high tumor response rate. GNTbm-38 is a new oral small molecule drug and independently developed by GNTbm, and currently is under preclinical studies and will be filed for IND applications  in US, Taiwan, and China.