Epigenetic Immunoactivator

The GNTbm R&D team independently designed new structures of epigenetic immunomodulator, and after years of research and development, it has successfully screened an epigenetic immunoactivator with innovative structure, excellent epigenetic and immunoregulatory activities, named GNTbm-38. Studies by using enzyme, cellular, and animal test platforms have shown that GNTbm-38 has excellent epigenetic and immunoregulatory activities, and when used in combination with specific TKIs, it has very superior tumor microenvironment-regulating activity, which can greatly improve the tumor response rate. GNTbm-38 can be used as monotherapy or in combination with specific TKIs as tumor microenvironment regulators (TMRs) for cancer immunotherapy. GNTbm-38 has a benzamide-based structure and is a selective class I HDAC inhibitor. GNTbm has filed for global patent application, and the US patent has been granted. GNTbm-38 is one of the backbone drugs of cancer immunotherapy TMRs.

If the preclinical study of GNTbm-38 is successfully completed, it will further undergo a phase I safety trial, and then enter the phase II clinical trial, with R/R AITL as the first indication, which is qualified to request orphan drug designation. Once the first indication approved, the new indications will be expanded, including such as liver, breast, kidney, and colorectal cancer, with the new drug combination of "GNTbm-38 + X" TMRs. TMRs based on GNTbm-38 are wide-spectrum anti-cancer drugs, especially for treatment of solid tumors.